MISUITY is positioned as the first luxury women’s wear in China. It is based on the product concept of “social ceremonial dressing” in new occasions, advocating women’s exquisite life, both internal and external, and making women in fashion spires.


With the brand concept of quality, taste, acme and true self, it has condensed the essence of the Eastern Millennium culture and the essence of Western popular culture, and absorbs the traditional handwork of Chinese intangible cultural heritage artisan and the pattern making effect of European fashion elementsto create high-quality fashion, and allows luxury to be hidden in the details of each product.With the positioning of luxury goods, the quality of top products, unique brand design style and innovative spirit, MISUITY is favored by the successful women in the top political and business circles in China. In China, the customer circle of MISUITY services affects 10% of China’s GDP.


MISUITY advocates the “first” spirit, and has the absolute competitive advantage because of the world’s top-quality raw materials and the exclusive and excellentstyle suitable for oriental women. MISUITY shapes the dressing concept of “ultimate luxury is comfort, and ultimate comfort is quality” for successful women with high cultural literacy, high taste, high quality of life in China’s top circle.


MISUITY provides a unique way to enjoy the experience for every successful woman who appreciates and owns MISUITY, so that women can enjoy from the depths of their hearts. MISUITY makes elegance and nobility be everywhere, and makes happiness come naturally without reason. Every piece of MISUITY is a work of art. In any occasion, MISUITY will be the focus of the crowd. Life needs feelings of ceremony.MISUITY’s idea of ceremonial dress makes every ordinary day more meaningful for its guests.The luxury of MISUITY is not the fashion that is packaged, but the presentation of exquisite craftsmanship and the precipitation of history and culture.


Maintaining the connotation in innovation, meticulous attention to craftsmanship and quality, and the endless pursuit of beauty are the brand attitude that MISUITY insists on.Like every MISUITY guest, MISUITY is pursuing dreams in its heart with an attitude of mastering and driving beauty and life.For this reason, MISUITY, China’s luxury, has become the best choice for social ceremonies of successful women in China’s political and business circles.